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Procedural generation of meta-level layout

17 August 2021 gamedev

I really enjoy games like Slay The Spire, Monster Train, Faster Than Light, Spelunky and more. They’re all quite different roguelike games (deckbuilder card games, spaceship combat simulator, adventure platformer) but they all share something similar: randomly generated “meta-level” maps: The spire of Slay The Spire. The sectors and beacons in FTL. The railway in Monster Train.

I’m working on something similar for my platformer (maybe). No details yet besides this quick WIP demo to show a few friends.

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Load Unity WebGL player only after user clicks a button

25 June 2021 6 min read webdev gamedev

Unity allows you to publish WebGL builds of your games, which is great for easily sharing prototypes or publishing complete projects. But these builds can get large (hundreds of megabytes) and you may wish to warn your users before the download initiates. It’s pretty easy to do this by modifying the html page output by the Unity WebGL build.

This post assumes only beginner-level knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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