2D Platformer – build 001

03 June 2021 gamedev

I’ve always liked playing 2D platformers, and a simple platformer seems like a good genre to continue my learning. So this will be my second gamedev project.

To give me more motivation, I think I’ll build this as custom game for my niece and nephew. They’ll be able to play as themselves in the game. I’ll make more versions for other young relatives and family friends, but I’ll start with a game for Jack and Charlotte because we already play games together and I think they’ll like the surprise.

It won’t be a ‘full’ game, but I’d like to make a good vertical slice of my idea so I can learn a wide range of game development skills.

I’m uploading my work-in-progress builds here to share with friends & family.

Below is Build 001.

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My first attempt at a platformer PlayerController! The player can move around, jump, wall jump ledge grab, crouch, crouch jump. It’s also my first attempt at drawing and animating a character. Doing the animations is really fun but so time consuming for a beginner.

Please excuse the Undead Hitler running around in a springtime scene, it seemed funny at the time when I was up late making the art (I didn’t make the background and platform tiles, they’re free from the Unity asset store).


Movement: [A] / [D] or [Left Arrow] / [Right Arrow]

Jump: [Space]

Crouch: [Ctrl] or [S]

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