2D Platformer – build 005

18 June 2021 gamedev

Big changes! I remade the main menu. It’s now in its own “scene” (a Unity thing), and it works with mouse, keyboard or controller. The options still don’t do anything… but I think they look cool. And when you choose a hero it loads the Springtime scene to start the placeholder level.

I also got rid of the Undead Hitler placeholder and tried my best to draw one of the playable heroes, Jack. This also meant learning to use Unity’s 2D Animation package workflow:

  • creating the character in Photoshop
  • importing it into Unity
  • creating the “skeleton”
  • associating the skeleton to the sprites (“meshes”) with various weightings
  • and then actually creating the animations, keyframe-by-keyframe.

It’s a lot tougher animating something that actually has elbows and knees (which my first character didn’t have).

Because of how I did the animation (like a noob), I’ll need to make them again from scratch so they can properly work in all situations, e.g. shared animations for multiple characters, and being able to play animations in the main menu system. More animation practice at least!

Oh and there are spikes that kill you. TODO: make a “YOU DIED” screen.

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Action Keyboard Xbox controller (or other controllers)
Movement A/D, or Left/Right arrows left analogue stick
Jump Space A button (the bottom ‘primary’ button)
Crouch S or Ctrl left bumper or left trigger
Menu Escape Start
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