2D Platformer – build 007

01 July 2021 gamedev

A melee attack! And cute little doggies to use the attack on 😢. Also I added a UI for testing the Music Manager.

New stuff:

  • A health system, and a basic health bar. I only want the character to have around ~5 units of health, and everything dealing 1 damage. But for now he’s got 100 HP.
  • Traps have knockback.
  • Trying to implement an attack system. First one is a basic melee attack.
    • the game draws a circle at a certain position relative to the player’s facing, and if enemies are within the circle, deal damage and knock them back. TODO: figure out how to render my debug raycasts (like the attack range) into runtime builds so I can toggle this stuff on/off in DevTools.
    • and start an attack animation. I learnt that animations can have ‘layers’ so this attach animation only animates the arm/sword, and additively blends the animation with whatever base animation is playing (idle, running, airborne, crouching, etc). I’m glad I discovered this, it should make improving these animations easier.
  • Some doggies to attack and push into traps (it’s a sprite I had on hand, poor doggies).
  • Killing units sends a message to a centralised Event Bus I made, which instructs an invisible spawner to pop out more doggies.
  • Improvement to the Music Manager - big thanks to ACDev on Youtube. It’s heavily based on his current series about designing a sound management system. The test audio files also come from his channel.
  • I made a UI for easier testing of the Music Manager. Press “9” on keyboard (not numpad) to toggle it on/off.
  • I made a simple FPS counter. It worked fine and was only a few lines of code. Then I wanted to make a cool FPS-over-time graph like some games have… and instead of reinventing the wheel I found Graphy which does it all for me! “0” on keyboard cycles through some modes.
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Action Keyboard Xbox controller (or other controllers)
Movement A/D, or Left/Right arrows left analogue stick
Jump Space A button (the bottom ‘primary’ button)
Attack E B button (the right ‘primary’ button)
Crouch S or Ctrl left bumper or left trigger
Menu Escape Start
music manager UI 9 none
fps stats 0 none
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