Yay, my first game!

29 May 2021 gamedev

Here’s my first game. It’s technically a game; it has user input and some challenge to overcome.

You are the undead face. Avoid the angry starfish wearing fishnets. But they spawn faster and faster…

Controls: [UP ARROW] and [DOWN ARROW] to move.

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What did I learn?

Okay so it’s pretty basic. But it was really fun to make and I learnt a lot:

  • The structure of a Unity project and the basics of the Unity Editor
  • Making ‘art’ assets in Photoshop, using a digital drawing tablet.
  • How basic UI components work (the hearts, score and the YOU DIED screen)
  • How to make looping parallax backgrounds
  • What a ‘prefab’ is and how to instantiate them at randomised locations at runtime.
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